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Adrian Fariña Pacheco Obituary, Perth tradie killed at Glask Construction site identified

Adrian Fariña Pacheco Obituary – Adrian Fariña Pacheco, 59, was tragically killed in a workplace accident at a Glask Construction site in Malaga, Perth. Despite the efforts of his colleagues and emergency responders, he passed away at the scene. Originally from the Canary Islands, Mr Fariña Pacheco had moved to Australia nearly ten years ago with his Italian wife.

Adrian Fariña Pacheco, 59, (left) was struck by a load of steel while working near a crane in Perth. His friend Adam Briggs (right) has described the experienced rigger as having a 'heart of gold'

His friends and coworkers have come together to support his wife, who he lovingly referred to as his ‘numero uno’. The loss of this experienced rigger has deeply affected those who knew him, leaving them devastated. Colleagues remember him as a mentor who took workplace safety seriously, always wearing his protective gear on site. Glask Construction is fully cooperating with the investigation and providing psychological support to their team members. This tragic incident has underscored the importance of maintaining a high standard of work health and safety in all construction projects.

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