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Ahmed Ibrahim Cariif Obituary, Man fatally shot Amazon coworker in fight over gun attachment identified

Ahmed Ibrahim Cariif Obituary,  – Mohamed Hared, 24, is facing 2nd-degree murder charges for the death of Ahmed Ibrahim Cariif, 22, outside the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Lakeville. The incident occurred after an argument over a gun attachment. Hared called the police, claiming he shot his coworker accidentally during the altercation. Another witness was present and called the police.

The witness had offered Hared a ride to work that day. When they returned to the car, Hared accused Cariif and the witness of stealing the attachment. Both denied it and agreed to search for it later. Hared allegedly initiated a physical fight with Cariif, leading to the fatal shooting. Detectives confirmed through surveillance video that Hared started the fight and had the opportunity to retreat but continued to engage. An autopsy revealed Cariif’s injuries. Hared was arrested without issue and appeared in court.

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