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Alex Hamilton Obituary, Man dies after being shot in head through Oceanside apartment window

Alex Hamilton Obituary – The Oceanside police are currently searching for the individual responsible for fatally shooting a 26-year-old man through the bedroom window of his apartment on Tuesday morning. Alex Hamilton, the victim, was shot in the head at around 1 a.m. in his College Boulevard apartment.

Hamilton’s mother, Lelese, expressed her grief, stating that he was shot at close range, directly in the head. Richard and Lilly Cabrera, neighbors of the victim, offered their support to Hamilton’s mother and twin brother, Brandon, as they came to collect his belongings from the apartment. Brandon described his brother as an exceptional person who did not deserve to die.

According to Hamilton’s roommate, there was a small gathering of friends in the apartment courtyard earlier in the evening, which was captured on a security camera. An argument ensued between Hamilton and three of his friends, leading to the dispersal of the party around 10 p.m. Later, the roommate noticed three individuals from the party walking past the camera, followed shortly by a gunshot into Hamilton’s bedroom.

The bullet entered through the window, ricocheted off the frame, and struck Hamilton in the head. Richard and Lilly, who were playing a board game in the apartment above, heard the loud noise and witnessed the subsequent arrival of numerous police cars. The police have confirmed that, aside from Hamilton, there were two women present in the apartment at the time, one of whom was his best friend and roommate, who is currently in hiding due to concerns of retaliation.

Friends and family remember Hamilton as a kind and hardworking individual, and his untimely death has left the neighborhood feeling unsettled and on edge.

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