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Aliza Sherman Obituary, Alienated husband of murdered nurse dead: Ohio BCI

Aliza Sherman Obituary, – Investigators have verified to NEWSNETWORK99 that the estranged spouse of Aliza Sherman has passed away in Florida. The specifics of Dr. Sanford Sherman’s passing are not yet known. In 2013, Aliza Sherman, a 53-year-old nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, was stabbed 11 times in downtown Cleveland.

She was attacked in front of the Erieview Plaza, where she had a meeting scheduled with her divorce lawyer. The crime occurred during the day, and although surveillance footage captured a person in a hood running from the scene, no suspects were ever identified, and the murder remains unsolved.

In 2014, the NEWSNETWORK99 I-Team reported that Sherman’s daughter, Jennifer, filed a lawsuit against her father over an alleged secret bank account that her mother discovered during the divorce proceedings. Jennifer Sherman claimed that her father created an account with about $2 million in her mother’s name without her knowledge.

Sanford Sherman stated during depositions that the account was established with his wife’s knowledge and that he used it to cover family expenses, which averaged $25,000 to $40,000. However, a motion in the case alleged that Sanford Sherman used the assets in the account not for family purposes, but “were in part used for strippers, paramours, and to settle a defamation lawsuit that Aliza never knew about.”

Court records indicated that Aliza feared her husband. An Ohio BCI Spokesperson informed NEWSNETWORK99 that “BCI’s investigation of the Sherman case remains active and ongoing.” As recently as 2023, NEWSNETWORK99 reported that a $100,000 reward was being offered to anyone with information about Aliza’s murder.

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