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Andre Dyke Obituary, Man found dead in New Tampa, outlines evidence in murder case

Andre Dyke Obituary, – Tucked away in the woods near a self-storage facility in New Tampa, authorities discovered a deceased individual with multiple gunshot wounds last week. The body was severely decomposed, with fragments of the skull scattered close by, as stated in a police report. A lanyard around the man’s neck held a Florida driver’s license, aiding in the identification of the victim as 35-year-old Andre Dyke.

Further investigation revealed that Dyke had been residing in his red Dodge Charger and that another individual had been driving the vehicle post his demise, as per the report. The Dodge was traced to an apartment complex just a short distance north of where Dyke’s body was located, where Andre Aris was believed to have abandoned it.

Tampa police arrested Andre Aris in connection to the death of a man living out of his car near New Tampa Nature Park. Aris, 29, was booked Saturday and charged with first-degree murder, grand theft of a motor vehicle, resisting an officer without violence and possession of marijuana with the intent to sell.

Although the police have not officially disclosed Dyke’s identity, a public arrest report this week confirmed his name and presented evidence connecting Aris to the murder. Among Aris’ possessions, authorities found bloodstained shoes, shell casings, and Dyke’s identification cards.

Dyke’s tragic death is part of a series of recent shootings that have unsettled the New Tampa community. During a town hall meeting on Monday evening, Chief Lee Bercaw addressed concerns from over 150 residents gathered at the New Tampa Center, assuring them that the incidents were not random and that their neighborhood remains safe.

On Saturday morning, law enforcement officers observed Dyke’s Dodge parked at the Morgan Creek apartment complex on Madison Green Drive. They waited in unmarked vehicles until Aris, 29, approached the Dodge, unlocked it, and entered the vehicle.

Upon instructing Aris to exit the car and lie on the ground, he resisted, leading officers to use a Taser on him, according to the arrest report. Initially charged with resisting an officer without violence, Aris now faces additional charges of first-degree murder with a firearm, grand theft auto, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell. During a police interview, Aris…

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