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Brandon Carlos Grant Obituary, Man killed roommate over a $1, police say

Brandon Carlos Grant Obituary – According to authorities, a man aged 36 was taken into custody after allegedly causing the death of his roommate during a dispute over a dollar. Following a report of a potential altercation, Miami Police promptly responded to the apartment complex early on Friday morning, as reported by WPLG. Upon arrival, officers discovered Brandon Carlos Grant lying on the pavement outside the building, his gray hoodie stained with blood.

Inside the apartment, authorities found Grant’s roommate in an unresponsive state, positioned on his knees and leaning against a couch, as per WPLG. Grant, who willingly relinquished his Miranda rights, informed investigators that he became furious when the victim refused to give him a single dollar. According to authorities, Grant claimed that the victim threatened to kill him, prompting his violent reaction.

Tragically, the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. Officials noted that the victim displayed signs of facial injuries consistent with blunt force trauma. Consequently, Grant was apprehended and charged with second-degree murder.

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