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Brian Warter,Erica Wishart Obituary, Death; Pa. couple killed after drowning in Florida rip current while on vacation

Brian Warter,Erica Wishart Obituary, Death;  – The tragic incident involving a couple from Pennsylvania occurred on Thursday when they were caught in rip currents off a Florida beach during their vacation. The couple, identified as Brian Warter, 51, and Erica Wishart, 48, were on Hutchinson Island with their six teenage children when the unfortunate event took place.

Despite the valiant efforts of their children to help, the couple was unable to make it back to shore safely. The children called 911 for assistance, and Martin County Ocean Rescue officials were able to retrieve the couple from the water. Despite life-saving efforts, the couple was pronounced deceased at the hospital. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is providing support to the children as they await the arrival of family members in Florida.

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