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Camila Elizabeth Ramirez-Carcamo Obituary, Death; Driver in Hartford hit-and-run that killed toddler had tinted windshield; police says

Camila Elizabeth Ramirez-Carcamo Obituary, Death; – Melvin Daniels, a Hartford resident, is currently facing charges related to the tragic death of 19-month-old Camila Elizabeth Ramirez-Carcamo. The incident occurred when Daniels, driving a car with an illegally-tinted windshield, struck the toddler with his BMW 328xi and fled the scene.

The court documents shed light on the events leading up to the crash, including security footage showing Camila leaving the laundromat and being hit by the car. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Camila succumbed to her injuries. Investigators were able to identify Daniels and his vehicle through traffic camera and security video footage, which captured the BMW driving erratically after the collision. This behavior, as noted by Hartford Det. Lane Bradford, suggests that Daniels was aware of the situation and was attempting to distance himself from the scene.

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