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Carlos Luna Obituary, Spanish man Killed by Elephants whole visit in South African Park

Carlos Luna Obituary, – The tragic incident involving a Spanish visitor named Carlos Luna from Zaragoza, who lost his life after being surrounded by an elephant herd in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa, has deeply saddened the local authorities. Luna, who was 43 years old, abandoned his vehicle to take close-up photos of the breeding elephants, despite warnings from friends and other visitors. Unfortunately, he was unable to escape when an adult elephant cow charged at him, resulting in a fatal trampling by the entire herd.

During the visit to the park, Luna was accompanied by his fiancée and two other women in a private vehicle. The encounter with three elephants and their calves led to the tragic turn of events. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe distance from wildlife and adhering to designated areas for viewing. The tourism board of the province has expressed condolences over the incident and emphasized the significance of respecting the boundaries between vehicles and animals in the park. Witnesses believe that the female elephant acted out of protective instincts towards her herd and offspring.

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