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Chiquita Ewing Obituary, Deadly Stockton shooting’s second victim has been identified

Chiquita Ewing Obituary – Chiquita Ewing, a mother of four, has been identified as the second victim of a fatal shooting in Stockton on Saturday, as confirmed by family members. Approximately 1,000 individuals participated in a May Day gathering on Saturday evening at an open field on Upper Bryant’s Landing Road, as reported by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a BCSO representative who spoke to News 5, the event was peaceful until a dispute erupted, resulting in “at least one individual firing multiple shots into the large crowd.” Authorities have indicated that there may have been multiple shooters involved. Of the 18 individuals who were shot, three lost their lives due to their injuries, as per the BCSO. The first victim to be identified in the tragic incident was 19-year-old Michael Anderson Jr. Those with any information regarding the shooting are urged to contact the BCSO at 251-972-8589.

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