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Christine Emmerson Obituary, Son who had paranoid delusions Killed mothar 71,

Christine Emmerson Obituary – The court was informed that Shaun Emmerson, aged 51, fatally stabbed his 71-year-old mother, Christine Emmerson, in their residence on August 3 last year. Following the violent attack, he climbed onto the roof and dialed 999 to confess to the crime.


In the emergency call played during the trial, Emmerson admitted to stabbing his mother and expressed his belief that she was deceased. Additionally, he requested the call handler to dispatch armed officers to the location to end his suffering, alleging that the Department of Justice had tormented him for two decades. The trial at Lincoln Crown Court revealed that Emmerson was under the delusion that his neighbors were plotting to kill him in a painful manner, causing him to fear an attack while asleep.

Despite being charged with murder, Emmerson was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial and did not enter a plea or appear in court. The prosecution presented evidence of extensive blood at the crime scene, detailing the 26 sharp force injuries to Mrs. Emmerson’s head and neck, as well as the nine sharp force injuries to her torso. Dr. Stuart Hamilton, a forensic pathologist, confirmed that the stab wounds to her neck led to her rapid loss of consciousness and subsequent death.

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