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Darien Louis Bragg obituary, Man killed, girlfriend seriously injured in shooting

Darien Louis Bragg obituary, – A man from Michigan lost his life, and his girlfriend sustained injuries following an altercation with the woman’s ex-boyfriend at a convenience store, where he shot at them, as per officials. Darien Louis Bragg, aged 23, from Pontiac, was fatally shot in the chest, while his girlfriend, also 23 and from Pontiac, was hospitalized with severe injuries after being shot in the abdomen, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

A witness reported that the 21-year-old man from Pontiac, who was the woman’s ex-boyfriend, was attacked by Bragg and his girlfriend from behind while he was at the counter of a convenience store on Cesar Chavez in Pontiac trying to make a purchase. The sheriff’s office mentioned that the two assailants caused the man to fall to the ground, with Bragg and his girlfriend on top of him, hitting him.

Subsequently, the 21-year-old drew a gun and fired a single shot. The bullet hit Bragg in the chest, passing through his body and then striking his girlfriend in the abdomen. Following the incident, the 21-year-old attempted to pay for his items and waited for deputies to arrive at the store. The case is now under review by the prosecutor’s office.

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