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Deundray Cottrell Obituary, Death of missing man ruled homicide, person of interest named

Deundray Cottrell Obituary,  – Deundray Cottrell, who was reported missing in Birmingham on July 4th, has been discovered deceased. The Birmingham Police Department confirmed that the body of the 31-year-old man was located on Saturday afternoon, just before 3:00 p.m.

Birmingham Police stated that Cottrell was last sighted on Thursday in the 7900 block of 4th Avenue South, leaving a residence on foot in the East Lake neighborhood. Following his disappearance, a missing person inquiry was initiated.

The following day, articles of clothing were discovered in the vicinity, and members of the community provided law enforcement with surveillance footage showing an individual believed to be Cottrell walking in the area. This information aided the police in determining where to focus their search efforts. Cottrell’s remains were ultimately found in the 7800 block of 5th Avenue South. Authorities have refrained from disclosing specific details regarding the discovery location and the condition of the body.

Officer Truman Fitzgerald expressed suspicions regarding the circumstances leading up to Cottrell’s disappearance.

“At present, we are treating Deundray’s death as an unclassified death investigation. This designation indicates that our officers are unable to ascertain whether this will develop into a criminal or non-criminal case.”

The Jefferson County Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy to establish the cause and manner of death.

Law enforcement officials are now seeking the assistance of the public in locating Julian Taylor Morris, the individual with whom Cottrell was last known to have contact. Fitzgerald mentioned that the two individuals were believed to be involved in a romantic relationship.

“It is imperative that we speak with him promptly,” Fitzgerald emphasized. “Given the circumstances, we urge Julian to come forward. We have just discovered the deceased body of your loved one today, and we need to speak with you, as you may have been the last person to see or hear from him.”

If you have any information regarding Morris’s whereabouts, please contact the police department or dial 911.

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