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Dolores Ingram Obituary, Man confesses to killing 82-year-old mother found dead in Bucks County condo

Dolores Ingram Obituary,  – New information has surfaced following the ongoing investigation by Bucks County officials and Northampton Township police into a mysterious death in Holland. The body of an elderly woman was discovered inside a condo on Sunday.

The deceased has been identified as 82-year-old Dolores Ingram. The incident came to light after a call from the Metropolitan D.C. Police Department prompted Bucks County radio dispatchers to check on her well-being. Dolores Ingram’s son, 49-year-old William Michael Ingram, was apprehended in Washington D.C. for assaulting an officer and causing damage to a police vehicle. During his arrest, he confessed to several Metro D.C. police officers that he was responsible for his mother’s death.

William Michael Ingram is currently in custody in Washington D.C. facing charges related to the assault of an officer, damage to police property, and theft of his mother’s vehicle. Further charges against him are expected to be brought forth soon. An autopsy of Dolores Ingram is scheduled for Tuesday. The crime scene, as observed by FOX 29, revealed an open window with a pushed-out screen. Upon receiving the welfare call, Northampton Township police officers arrived at the Beacon Hill Drive address.

Inside the first-floor condo, they discovered blood on various surfaces, along with furniture in disarray. After gaining entry through the locked front door, the officers found the living room mostly cleared out, except for a pile of items on one side. Upon moving the pile, they uncovered the body of the elderly woman. Subsequently, Northampton Township Police and the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office initiated a death investigation.

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