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Fasil Teklemariam Obituary, 2 Women charged for killing “sugar daddy” cutting off his thumb to access and steal his money

Fasil Teklemariam Obituary – Police in Washington, D.C., have arrested two women, Audrey Miller, 19, and Tiffany Taylor Gray, 22, on charges of murder in connection with the death of a man identified as their “sugar daddy.” The victim, 53-year-old Fasil Teklemariam, was found dead in his apartment with multiple stab wounds and other injuries, including a missing thumb.


The suspects were captured on CCTV footage entering and leaving the building on the night of the murder, along with three other male suspects. One of the men, Tommy Whack, has already been charged in connection with the case. The investigation revealed evidence of attempts to conceal the crime scene, but some clues, such as footprints, were left behind. Additionally, the victim’s electronic devices are still missing.

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