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Gajan Sanders Obituary, Neighbors identify woman who was killed in DeKalb townhome fire describe her as Very loveable person

Gajan Sanders Obituary, – A woman perished in a townhome fire in DeKalb County, as confirmed by DeKalb County Fire Department public information officer Jaeson Daniels. The incident occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Monday, with the top floor of a townhome on Chupp Road in Stonecrest engulfed in flames.

According to Daniels, the resident managed to escape the fire on his own but was unable to rescue his sister from the premises. Neighbors identified the deceased woman as 62-year-old Gajan Sanders, who resided in the townhome with her brother.

Valerie Davis, a neighbor living a few doors down, recounted her interaction with Sanders’ brother before he was taken to the hospital. Davis shared that he expressed his regret at being unable to save his sister, mentioning that he had attempted to do so despite sustaining burns to his nose and being covered in soot. Davis mentioned that Sanders had visited her the day before, enjoying a meal together.

Lesha Osias, Davis’ daughter, was deeply affected upon witnessing the fire. She expressed her sorrow at the loss of her friend, Sanders. Davis revealed that Sanders and her brother had plans to move out in a few days, with July 5 marked as their move-in day for a fresh start.

Sanders, who affectionately referred to herself as the “Queen of Lithonia,” was known for her kind-hearted nature, as described by Davis. The neighborhood mourns her loss and will have to move forward without her presence. The investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

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