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Gary Newman,Anthonese Stewart Obituary, Deadly shooting in southeast Shelby County; Family want the suspect to turn in,

Gary Newman,Anthonese Stewart Obituary, – The family affected by a tragic double homicide in Southeast Shelby County has come forward to share their story.

The victims have been identified as Anthonese Stewart and her mother’s longtime partner, Gary Newman. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office has named Jaylan McCollins as a suspect in the shootings and has issued a warning to the public, stating that he is armed and dangerous.

A relative of the victims, Sonya Witherspoon, made a plea to anyone who may be in contact with McCollins. She urged them to speak with him and convince him to surrender, emphasizing the devastation he has caused to their family. Witherspoon, who is Stewart’s aunt, revealed that McCollins was her boyfriend and alleged that the tragic events unfolded after Stewart ended their relationship.

The family’s residence on Newfound Gap Road was transformed into a crime scene following the incident. Stewart passed away at the scene, while Newman succumbed to his injuries at Regional One. Despite the heartbreaking loss, Witherspoon expressed gratitude that there were no additional fatalities, highlighting the trauma experienced by Stewart’s teenage brother who was present during the violence.

This recent tragedy adds to the family’s history of loss, as Witherspoon’s brother, Frank Gottie, is an advocate against violence and has also suffered the loss of another brother in a previous shooting. Witherspoon emphasized the importance of spreading an anti-violence message and called on McCollins to surrender, warning him of the consequences he faces.

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