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Griselda Apolinar, Barahona Obitury, Death; 2 victims killed in crash involving school bus has been identified

Griselda Apolinar, Barahona Obitury, Death;  – The identities of the two individuals who lost their lives in the collision involving a school bus in Clay County, Missouri on Wednesday have been disclosed by the Missouri Highway Patrol. Griselda Apolinar, aged 32, and Iris Barahona, aged 35, were the victims of the tragic incident. A 26-year-old woman sustained severe injuries, while two 15-year-olds suffered minor injuries.

The collision occurred as a car attempted to make a turn onto 92 Highway. Another vehicle approached from behind, swerved, and collided with the school bus. The two passengers in the car that struck the bus lost their lives, while the driver was hospitalized. The teenagers involved were transported to the hospital for treatment. Barahona was declared deceased at the scene, while Apolinar passed away at the hospital.

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