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Hazel Huggins Obituary, Man killed his mother with knife

Hazel Huggins Obituary – Bradley Huggins, aged 25, inflicted 11 stab wounds on Hazel Huggins while she was assisting him with cleaning his apartment on Ilbert Street in Plymouth in July 2023.

During the trial at Plymouth Crown Court, it was revealed that Huggins recorded the gruesome act of harming his 53-year-old mother as she was passing away. As a result of diminished responsibility, he was handed an indefinite hospital order for manslaughter.

Devon & Cornwall Police Bradley Huggins

Judge Peter Johnson issued a Section 41 hospital order under the Mental Health Act, deeming the assault a “prolonged and vicious attack” and highlighting Huggins’ evident danger. Addressing Huggins, the judge remarked, “Your mother cared for you and was aiding you in leading an independent life – she was undeniably a kind woman, a spouse, mother, and devoted friend.”

Described by her family as a woman with a “luminous soul” who was “cherished by many,” Mrs. Huggins was mourned by all who knew her. The court learned that Huggins grapples with several mental health disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, and depression, and had left the family home two months prior to the incident due to concerns about his conduct.

The assault was triggered by his mother informing him that he would not be receiving money he believed was owed to him. Following the attack with a knife in the kitchen doorway and bedroom, psychiatric evaluations conducted post-incident revealed that Huggins was experiencing schizophrenia at the time. A post-mortem examination confirmed that Mrs. Huggins succumbed to the 11 stab wounds inflicted on her neck, chest, and abdomen. Guy Huggins, the husband of the deceased, described his wife as a beacon of light who was adored and whose memory would endure.

“While Hazel’s passing will forever be remembered and has affected many individuals, we have chosen to pardon our eldest son Brad and advocate for him to receive the essential medical care and assistance he requires,” he expressed on behalf of the family. “The absence of Hazel has had a profound impact not only on our immediate family but also on our extensive circle of acquaintances.”

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