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James Elliot Obituary, Tacoma woman charged with murder

James Elliot Obituary – The trial for Sarah Jane Ramey, who is facing charges of first and second-degree murder as well as 17 counts of arson, is scheduled to commence on Monday in Tacoma. The prosecution will present their opening statements to the court.

According to court documents, Ramey is accused of intentionally starting a series of fires in Tacoma and Ruston between December 2021 and January 2022. One of the fires, allegedly set by Ramey on New Year’s Eve 2021, resulted in the tragic death of James Elliot. Elliot succumbed to smoke inhalation after a fire broke out at his residence on Rosemount Way in North Tacoma. Initially, the fire was believed to be accidental, but evidence from a Central Pierce Fire & Rescue K9 indicated the presence of “ignitable liquids” on various debris from the house. Cellphone data analysis revealed that Ramey’s phone was in the vicinity of the fire in north Tacoma at the time it occurred.

The data also showed that she remained in the area for an extended period, left, and then returned for several more hours. Following Ramey’s arrest, investigators discovered that she had the victim’s checkbook and checks belonging to his wife. Furthermore, a search of the defendant’s truck uncovered a high-visibility Metro Parks jacket, which was seen in surveillance footage from multiple suspected arson scenes. Additionally, debit and credit cards belonging to residents of other homes she is accused of setting on fire, as well as keys to multiple stolen vehicles from a Metro Parks facility, were found. Ramey was formally charged in February 2022 and entered a plea of not guilty.

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