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Jaxxon Cain Obituary, 8-year-old Iowa boy who died after being hit by truck identified

Jaxxon Cain Obituary, – The Ottumwa Community School District officials have identified the 8-year-old boy who tragically passed away on Tuesday after being struck by a truck. Jaxxon Cain, a second-grade student at Douma Elementary School in Ottumwa, was the victim of the incident. The accident occurred around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the east alley of the 200 block of North Hancock and Dewey Street in Ottumwa.

The driver of the truck unintentionally backed over the child, who was in the path of the alley. As of now, no charges have been pressed, and the incident is currently under investigation. Superintendent Michael McGrory expressed his condolences, stating that this is a devastating moment for the school district. The district has arranged support services for students and staff to help them cope and heal during this difficult time. For more information on these services, individuals can contact the Ottumwa District Office at 641-684-6597 or email

Additionally, those who prefer to communicate via phone call, text, or chat can reach out to Your Life Iowa. The district urges everyone to keep Jaxxon’s family in their thoughts and prayers and encourages those with questions or concerns to reach out for support. The tragic incident adds to the statistics of road fatalities in Iowa, with 137 deaths recorded this year, including pedestrians and bicyclists.

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