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Jaynie Crosdale Obituary, Missouri man accused of holding Black woman in his basement charged for murder

Jaynie Crosdale Obituary – During a press briefing on Tuesday, prosecutors revealed that Timothy Haslett Jr., 41, is now facing a first-degree murder charge in connection with the death of Jaynie Crosdale.

Haslett had previously been accused of first-degree rape, sodomy, kidnapping, assault, and endangering a child after the unidentified woman he allegedly abducted managed to escape from his basement.

According to an indictment, investigators believe that Crosdale, an African American woman, was murdered between June 6, 2022, and Oct. 7, 2022. Photos retrieved from a device owned by Haslett depicted Crosdale inside the basement of his residence in Excelsior Springs, as stated by Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson. The prosecutor also mentioned that the blue barrel containing Crosdale’s remains was similar to other barrels discovered at Haslett’s residence.

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