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Kelley McCollom,Matthew Szejnrok Obituary, Death; Teen charged with two counts of first-degree premeditated murder for killing their mother and her boyfriend

Kelley McCollom,Matthew Szejnrok Obituary, Death;  – A 16-year-old teenager from Palm Bay is currently facing murder charges after allegedly killing their mother and their mother’s boyfriend, then attempting to stage the scene as a break-in.

An affidavit from the Palm Bay Police Department states that 911 dispatchers received a call reporting a possible break-in shortly after midnight last Sunday. Upon arriving at the residence, authorities discovered a deceased woman in the living room and a deceased man in the bathroom. The victims were identified as 38-year-old Kelley McCollom and 22-year-old Matthew Szejnrok.

Police were able to speak with the teenager at the scene, who claimed to have been alone at home when an unidentified male attempted to break in. The teenager stated that they locked themselves in their room and later heard the couple returning home, followed by screams and gunshots. The teenager informed the police that they waited approximately an hour before emerging from hiding, at which point they discovered the bodies of their mother and her boyfriend.

During a search of the home, authorities found a bloody knife and bloody footprints matching the pattern of the teenager’s shoes. The affidavit also mentioned shattered glass on top of one victim and the other victim’s phone, contradicting the teenager’s initial account of events. Surveillance cameras outside the home showed no activity until the police arrived, further undermining the teenager’s story.

Despite maintaining their original version of events during questioning, the teenager eventually confessed to the double homicide. They admitted to taking their mother’s gun, arming themselves with a knife, and waiting for the couple to return home. Upon their arrival, the teenager allegedly greeted them with “Welcome home” before opening fire. The mother sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

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