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Kevin Gerhardt Obituary, Man found inside hot home dies amid triple-digit temps

Kevin Gerhardt Obituary, – Triple-digit temperatures in California have proven to be fatal. The Sacramento County coroner’s office has verified that a 58-year-old man passed away due to complications linked to the heat. “Neighbor right here was knocking on the on the wall right there,” neighbor Donovan Garten said.

On Sunday afternoon, Donovan Garten mentioned he heard cries for help from Kevin Gerhardt’s brother in their Village Green neighborhood. “I got up as fast as I could, got the boots on, ran into the house and, you know, went to go check on him and stuff,” Garten said. He stated Gerhardt appeared to be experiencing a heat stroke inside his residence.

“Kind of felt like I walked into an oven? Yeah, it felt like 20 degrees more than, you know, it usually should be. He wasn’t sweating at all, and that’s a sign of heat stroke,” Garten said. He dialed 911, and paramedics transported Gerhardt to a hospital, where he eventually passed away. The coroner’s office confirmed his death was heat-related.

“It seems like a senseless death,” said his mother Marilyn Sellers, who resides in the Los Angeles area. She mentioned Gerhardt and his brother did not have air conditioning in their home. “He needed to have some place else to go in the heat wave. And he didn’t,” Sellers said. Her message after losing her son: Dangerous heat should be taken seriously.

“Don’t not take it seriously when they tell you it’s going to be over 100 and 105, take some precautions. If you don’t have air conditioning, get out and go someplace where there is because this is serious.” She expressed hope that his story could help save other individuals. A significant heat wave that has covered much of the United States for several days is responsible for at least 28 fatalities.

Most of the heat-related deaths were in California and Oregon, but the high temperatures have claimed lives as far east as Maryland. As of Wednesday, over 135 million people across the country were under heat alerts. The extreme heat is anticipated to persist through the weekend, and authorities are urging precautions.

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