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Mesa Fredenhagen,Kennedi Harris Obituary, 2 Victims killed in ATV crash; Car not at fault, Winnebago County sheriff says

Mesa Fredenhagen,Kennedi Harris Obituary, – The investigation into the tragic accident that claimed the lives of two young girls in Winnebago County last month is still ongoing. Sheriff John Matz assured county officials that the striking vehicle was not at fault in this particular case.

Mesa Fredenhagen, 11, and Kennedi Harris, 7, were on an ATV in Utica when they were struck by a car on Bonnie View Drive. The 43-year-old woman driving the car and her 13-year-old son immediately called 911 and provided first aid. The driver has been fully cooperative with the investigation.

During a meeting of the Judicial and Public Safety Committee, Sheriff Matz expressed his deep sadness and described the scene as extremely emotional. He also mentioned that the family of the victims is in their thoughts and prayers. Sheriff Matz also noted that the first responders at the crash scene have been affected and are receiving the necessary support.

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