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Rain Mancini,Phillip Zilliot II Obituary, Florida landlord killed family of four, burned bodies in fire pit

Rain Mancini,Phillip Zilliot II Obituary, – A Florida landlord has been accused of fatally shooting a family of four, including young children, and burning their bodies in the fire pit of their shared home, as per police reports released on Tuesday. Rory Atwood, 25, reportedly confessed to murdering the family, described as “transient,” after a disagreement with the parents, whom he had known since high school.

Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco stated, “If there wasn’t evil in this world, we wouldn’t have to pray as much. And when I talk about this story today, you’re going to hear about evil.” Initially, Atwood denied any knowledge of the Zilliot family’s whereabouts, which consisted of Rain Mancini, 26; Phillip Zilliot II, 25; and their children Karma and Phillip III, aged 6 and 5, respectively. The family residing at Atwood’s Hudson residence was reported missing by Mancini’s mother after she failed to maintain regular contact with her.

Atwood allowed investigators to search the property, but nothing seemed out of place except for the backyard firepit, which was still smoldering. A friend of Atwood informed the police that the landlord had confessed to killing his roommates and their children the night before.

Cadaver dogs discovered small skeletal remains, soft tissue, and human vertebrae in the fire pit, while the back patio had a strong chlorine smell. Atwood, who initially claimed he evicted them for not paying rent, eventually admitted to the murders. He alleged that Zilliot II and Mancini attacked him with knives, leading to a physical altercation.

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