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Roger Letson,Valerie Letson Obituary, Married couple found fatally shot in Rock County home identified

Roger Letson,Valerie Letson Obituary – During a welfare check on May 22nd at approximately 7:27 a.m., Rock County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered the lifeless bodies of Roger Letson, aged 61, and Valerie Letson, aged 58, in their residence located in the 9900 block of North Newville Road. Upon arrival, authorities promptly initiated an investigation into the matter.

At present, the ongoing investigation suggests that there are no suspects involved, leading the police to believe that this tragic incident was confined to the premises of the house. Preliminary findings from the autopsy reveal that Roger Letson’s demise resulted from homicidal trauma caused by a firearm, while Valerie Letson’s death was also attributed to firearm-related trauma. The Rock County Sheriff’s Department continues to diligently investigate the incident, with additional testing currently underway.

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