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William McLean Obituary, Motorcyclist died hitting illegally parked tractor ID

William McLean Obituary,  – The lawsuit was filed by the estate of William McLean, who was killed in a car crash in Horry County earlier this year. The lawsuit argues that the tractor he collided with was illegally parked.

On Friday, the estate of William McLean filed a lawsuit against RCB Contractors, JJ Spray and Fertilizing, A.O. Hardee and Son, two employees, and three unidentified individuals. The lawsuit suggests that the identities of these individuals will likely be revealed during the legal process.

A picture of the loader attached in the lawsuit.

A.O. Hardee and Son, a contractor, had started working on a major project in February near Old Sanders Road, close to Little River and North Myrtle Beach. The other companies mentioned in the lawsuit were subcontractors for this project.

As part of their work, these companies had to use heavy machinery, such as the John Deere loader that McLean collided with on the night of February 19. The lawsuit claims that the loader was illegally parked in the eastbound lane of the road, facing west, making it extremely difficult to see. It further alleges that the loader had no activated lights, flagmen, or any other warning systems.

According to the lawsuit, one of the employees named in the suit moved the loader after the crash but before law enforcement arrived. When questioned about this, the employee stated that he did so because his boss instructed him to. The defendants in this lawsuit are being accused of negligence by McLean’s estate. The plaintiff is seeking both actual and punitive damages, as well as a jury trial.

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