Rep. Kiley: No Evidence for FBI’s ‘Terrorist School Parents’

FBI Director Christopher Wray, in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, said he failed to present evidence to support the idea that parents who attended school board meetings committed domestic terrorism. Republican California Congressman Kevin Kiley told New Men

“One of the greatest abuses we’ve seen in the history of counter-terrorism and law enforcement powers in this country,” Kiley told American Agenda after the first half of Wednesday’s hearing with Mr. Wray. , the way Attorney General Merrick Garland mobilized the federal government.” It’s just authority for parents who are trying to speak out against the inhumane and cruelty being perpetrated in schools across the country during the COVID-19 shutdown. ”

On Oct. 4, 2021, Kylie said:
“Attorney General Drafted Memorandum Based on Letter from National Association of School Boards,” wrote Sept. 17. The FBI then acted on that memo, creating a special day, a day of parental threats in connection with school board meetings, and launching 25 evaluations.

“And I asked the FBI director bluntly, ‘Is there a basis for that?’ Was the Attorney General’s claim that the threat of violence and harassment had somehow increased?”

“I don’t know of any such evidence,” Mr. Ray replied.

Kiley told Newsmax that there was “no basis” for the FBI to investigate parents who attended school board meetings. “So, we have experienced one of the greatest abuses in the history of this country, a violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution … There was no basis for it, the FBI Director admitted.”

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