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Ashley Smylie Obituary, 14-year-old girl accused of murdering mother showed dead body to friend.

Ashley Smylie Obituary – During a court hearing, an investigator testified that a 14-year-old girl from Mississippi, Carly Madison Gregg, invited a friend to her house to witness her mother’s lifeless body. The preliminary hearing, which took place on April 16, was recorded and later released on YouTube by the blog Jackson Jambalaya.

Carly was apprehended in March after allegedly committing two separate shootings at her family’s home in Brandon, Miss. She is accused of murdering her mother, Ashley Smylie, and causing serious harm to her stepfather, Heath Smylie. Zachary Cotton, an investigator from Rankin County, provided testimony during the hearing. According to Cotton, dispatchers received a call from Heath Smiley, who reported that his child had shot him and his wife on March 19.

Carly Gregg (Photo: Rankin County Sheriff's Office)

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies discovered an injured man at the door and a deceased woman inside a bedroom. The man, who had been shot in the shoulder, informed the deputies that his stepdaughter had shot him and killed his wife.

Carly was later found and taken into custody approximately half a mile away from the house. Cotton described the footage captured by two security cameras installed in the family’s home. He noted that Carly is seen entering her mother’s bedroom, followed by the sound of a gunshot, a scream, and two more gunshots. Ashley Smylie was shot twice in the face and once in the chin, according to Cotton.

The footage also shows Carly concealing something behind her back, which Cotton believes to be a gun. He stated that Carly then texted her stepfather, who was not yet home, inquiring about his arrival time. Heath arrived at the scene approximately 45 to 50 minutes later, during which time Carly texted a friend, urgently requesting her presence and mentioning an emergency.

According to Cotton’s testimony, Carly asked her friend if she had ever seen a dead body before. When her friend replied negatively, Carly proceeded to show her deceased mother, who was in the bedroom and displayed the gun she had used to shoot her. Carly informed her friend that she had fired three shots at her mother and that she was “g.”

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