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Cynthia Gobble,Greg Gobble Obituary, Estranged Mocksville couple Bodies found in Iredell County

Cynthia Gobble,Greg Gobble Obituary – The bodies of a man and woman discovered in a wooded area near the Iredell-Davie county line have been officially identified. In a press release, the Davie County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the bodies belong to Cynthia Gobble and Greg Gobble, and were found on Friday at approximately 11 a.m.

The couple had been reported missing, prompting an Ashanti Alert to be issued by Davie County authorities. Concerns were raised when Cynthia Gobble could not be reached, and evidence suggested that she may not have left her residence alone. Despite efforts to locate them electronically and at known frequented locations, the couple could not be found. Additionally, Greg Gobble’s white Ford truck was also missing. On Friday, a call was made to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office reporting the discovery of two bodies.

Subsequent investigation confirmed that the bodies were indeed those of Cynthia and Greg Gobble. The cause of death was determined to be gunshot wounds, and the weapon was found at the scene. Evidence suggests that Greg Gobble shot Cynthia Gobble before taking his own life. The Davie County Sheriff’s Office and the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office worked together to process the scenes where the bodies were found. Detectives are currently investigating the case and are urging anyone with information about the Gobbles’ activities on May 29 or 30 to contact them at 336-751-6238.

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