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Daron Lamonta Bines Jr Obituary, 1 killed in shooting at parking lot of Adams Market

Daron Lamonta Bines Jr Obituary, – A shooting incident occurred in the parking lot of a local business, resulting in the death of one individual, as confirmed by the Winston-Salem Police Department. The incident took place on Saturday, shortly before 1 a.m., at the Adams Market situated on 3800 Northampton Drive.

Upon arrival, responding officers discovered the victim, identified as 33-year-old Daron Lamonta Bines Jr., who had sustained a gunshot wound. Bines was subsequently transported to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries. The authorities have informed Bines’ next of kin, but there is currently no available information regarding the motive behind the shooting or any details about a potential suspect.

If anyone possesses any information pertaining to this incident, please contact the police at 336-773-7700. Alternatively, anonymous tips can be submitted by reaching out to Crime Stoppers at 336-727-2800, or En Espanol at 336-728-3904.

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