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David Helberg III Obituary, One victim in deadly Sunday Mercer County crash identified

David Helberg III, 25, was killed in the single-vehicle crash.

David Helberg III Obituary – In Mercer County’s South Pymatuning Township, the coroner has identified one of the individuals who lost their lives in the car crash that occurred on Sunday morning. The deceased has been identified as David Helberg III, aged 25. District Attorney Peter Acker has confirmed that another person also tragically passed away in the same incident.

This information was disclosed in an email sent by the D.A. on Thursday morning. The crash took place at approximately 4 a.m. near the intersection of Saranac and Buckeye Drives. A truck carrying three individuals caused the accident, resulting in a utility pole and power lines being brought down, leading to power outages in nearby homes. One of the passengers was fatally injured, while another was transported to the hospital with significant injuries. I

nitially, there was a premature report stating that the second person had also passed away, but this was later corrected by the Pymatuning Township Police Department, clarifying that the victim was still on life support in the hospital. Once released from the hospital, the driver will face charges, including homicide by vehicle DUI. District Attorney Acker described the crash as one of the most severe he has witnessed, with weather conditions, high speeds, and alcohol believed to have played a role. The South Pymatuning Township Police and State Police are currently conducting an investigation into the incident.

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