Francey Hakes and Jay Town: Trump Should Not Respond to Target Letter

Francey Hakes and Jay Town – Former federal prosecutors Francie Hakes and Jay Towne told Newsmen on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is investigating the former president’s role in the Jan. 6, 2021 incident at the Capitol. said he should not react in any way to the targeted letter he received from Special Counsel Jack Smith regarding President Trump posted on Tuesday night that he had received Smith’s letter and said he had been given four days to report it to a federal grand jury set up to investigate the January 6 events.

“Trump would be insane to reply to the targeted letter, accept the invitation contained in it, and testify before a grand jury, and of course, Jack Smith would want it. That’s what they always want,” Hakes told The Record With Greta Van Susteren. “Because you’re the subject of targeted letters, does that mean prosecutors have filed a case? The evidence is there, and really, it’s just waiting for you to come in and admit it or deny it, or not come in at all. And they’ll tell the grand jury that they invited you, but you didn’t show up.

Towne, who appeared with Hakes, said he “loved” people responding to his targeted letters when he was a prosecutor.

“If anything, her story will remain classified at trial,” said Towne, who worked for the Justice Department in the Trump administration. “As a professional attorney, I knew the questions to ask…it usually helped in helping cases because they were trapped in their own story. When we know more, they don’t know what we know, they don’t know what the witnesses said to us, or what the documents we subpoenaed told us. So it usually works out very well for the government.”

Towne said he doubted Trump would appear before a grand jury in response to the letter. “If I were to give him advice, I would advise him not,” said Towne, vice president and general counsel at Gray Analytics. “But that doesn’t mean he won’t give a speech on the subject tomorrow.”

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