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Jorge De La Torre Obituary, Worker killed after portion of crane crashed down in fort bridge

Jorge De La Torre Obituary – The construction worker who tragically lost his life in the incident on the Southeast 3rd Avenue bridge in downtown Fort Lauderdale has been identified as Jorge De La Torre, a 27-year-old individual. The Fort Lauderdale Police are currently working to gather information on the other victims who were injured in the incident. A heartfelt Facebook post, presumably from De La Torre’s wife or girlfriend, expresses the deep love and loss felt for him.

The post includes his name, birthday, and the date of the incident. It also features two photos, one of which shows him with his two young children. The incident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, on the bridge over the New River, near Southeast 4th Street. Fort Lauderdale fire officials explained in a news conference that the construction crew was in the process of extending the crane’s height when a platform and pieces of the crane fell from the building. Tragically, De La Torre fell with the crane section, resulting in fatal injuries. The crane itself remained securely attached to the building.

The fallen crane section landed on the nearby bridge, causing damage to at least two vehicles. Two individuals in the vehicles were transported to the hospital, one in stable condition and the other with minor injuries. Another person received on-site treatment for their injuries. Footage from Chopper 6 revealed the crushed vehicle and another damaged car in close proximity. The scene was swiftly responded to by multiple police units and paramedics. Mark Cerezin, whose Tesla was damaged by the falling crane piece, recounted the moment of impact and the subsequent damage to his vehicle.

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