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Kadie Hunt Obituary, Beloved mum dies in tragic accident at manor hotel

Kadie Hunt Obituary – Kadie Hunt, aged 38, passed away after an accident at Welbeck Manor Hotel in Devon on April 13. She sustained a skull fracture and unfortunately succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. Her mother, Shirley Hunt, expressed that the extent of Kadie’s injuries was not immediately apparent. Following the incident, Kadie returned home but was discovered unresponsive the next morning by a friend. She was promptly taken to the hospital.

Shirley, aged 59, is devastated by the loss and is providing unwavering support to Kadie’s children, Caden, 13, and Poppy, 9. She fondly remembers Kadie as a kind-hearted individual who always lent a helping hand and had a radiant smile that endeared her to everyone.

Shirley emphasized Kadie’s selflessness, even in death, highlighting her decision to donate her organs. She hopes that people will recognize the lives her daughter has saved through this act of generosity. Kadie’s family will be honored with a medal for their contribution to organ donation.

In order to cover the funeral expenses and secure a brighter future for Kadie’s children, Shirley has initiated a fundraiser. Despite the challenges, she remains positive for the sake of her grandchildren. The upcoming funeral will serve as a celebration of Kadie’s life, and all loved ones are encouraged to attend.

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