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Keisha Christodoulou Obituary, Man stabbed Girlfriend 17 times after break

Keisha Christodoulou Obituary – Leon Murray, aged 35, residing at an undisclosed location, was convicted of murdering Keisha Christodoulou, aged 32, on November 1, 2022. This tragic incident occurred just a day after she expressed her desire to end their relationship.

Murray went to their residence in Tanner’s Hill, Deptford, where he brutally stabbed Ms. Christodoulou 17 times. Following the heinous act, he changed his attire and proceeded to collect their six-year-old daughter from school. Upon arrival, he informed a staff member that the deed was done and that he had put an end to Keisha. School personnel promptly contacted emergency services, as did Murray. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and discovered Ms. Christodoulou on the living room floor.

Despite the efforts of emergency responders, she was pronounced dead at the location. A post-mortem examination revealed that the cause of death was sharp force trauma to the chest. The Metropolitan Police confirmed that Murray was found guilty of murder after a trial at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday. Despite admitting to the crime, Murray’s defense argued diminished responsibility. Nevertheless, the jury sided with the prosecution’s assertion that the defendant was not substantially impaired in his responsibility and was fully aware of his actions.

Murray is scheduled to be sentenced at the same court on Monday. Detective Inspector Adam Clifton, who spearheaded the investigation for the Met Police, expressed that Murray’s violent reaction to Keisha’s decision to end their relationship was both senseless and selfish. He emphasized that the level of violence displayed in the attack was appalling, and extended sympathies to Keisha’s family and friends, especially her three young children, whose lives have been forever altered. DI Clifton reiterated the police force’s commitment to combatting violence against women and bringing dangerous offenders like Murray to justice. He encouraged anyone experiencing domestic abuse to seek help.

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