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Malachi Pee,Da ondre Bullock Obituary, Death; 3 Victims, shot and killed in early Saturday Ohio shoot-out ID by Police

Malachi Pee,Da ondre Bullock Obituary, Death; – Three individuals are currently hospitalized following a shooting incident in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, which tragically claimed the lives of three others. Authorities have reported a total of six individuals being shot, with three fatalities. At the scene, two individuals were pronounced dead, while the third victim was transported to a nearby hospital where they later succumbed to their injuries.

The deceased victims have been identified as Malachi Pee, aged 27, Da’ondre Bullock, aged 18, and Garcia Dixon Jr., aged 26. Among the survivors, one victim remains in critical condition, while the other two are in stable condition. Thankfully, all three are expected to recover, according to the police.

A concerned neighbor, who preferred not to be shown on camera, shared a video capturing the harrowing moments immediately after the arrival of law enforcement at the scene. The neighbor recounted hearing numerous gunshots and witnessing people screaming and fleeing from a nearby establishment.

“I was awakened by the sound of gunshots, and it felt as though my body instinctively reacted, causing me to fall out of bed onto my stomach,” she recalled. “I fervently prayed that the barrage of gunfire would cease. It was an overwhelming experience.”

The neighbor further revealed that incidents of gunfire are unfortunately not uncommon at the intersection due to the large crowds frequenting nearby businesses. However, she emphasized that this particular incident was far more severe than anything she had witnessed before, leaving her apprehensive about venturing outside on most weekends.

“Since I’ve been living here, there has been a constant lack of sleep and rest,” she expressed. The concerned neighbor expressed her desire for the city to take action regarding the crowded gatherings, as she believes it poses a significant safety risk. As of now, no suspects have been identified in connection with the shooting.

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