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Michael Captain Obituary, Family mourns man killed in latest crash involving a car hitting an MCTS bus

Michael Captain Obituary – Family and friends are grieving the most recent victim of a fatal accident involving a car colliding with a Milwaukee County Transit bus. According to relatives interviewed by, the passenger who lost his life was 31-year-old Michael Captain. The victim has not been officially identified by authorities.

The incident occurred close to North 35th Street and Wisconsin Avenue at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Saturday. Milwaukee Police reported that a car heading south on 35th ran a red light and crashed into the bus. Family members confirmed that Michael was a passenger in the car.

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“I love him and he will be deeply missed,” expressed Michael’s aunt Tina Biskupski on Monday. Biskupski, along with several others, was overwhelmed with emotions and uncertainties following the sudden tragedy. They placed balloons on a post near the site and lit candles in memory of Michael. “He had a great sense of humor. He was sociable. Everyone loved him. He was about to start a new job,” Biskupski shared.

MPD disclosed that a total of nine individuals from both vehicles sustained injuries. Michael’s father, who shares the same name, declined to provide a statement on camera but mentioned to newsnetwork99 that they had plans to meet on Sunday. “His parents are devastated. It’s always said that parents should never have to bury their children,” Biskupski remarked. “He had his whole life ahead of him.” Law enforcement confirmed that the car’s driver was apprehended. Both the driver and another passenger in the car suffered severe injuries. Seven bus passengers were also injured, but authorities anticipate their recovery.

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