Miss Universe OK With Post-surgery Trans Women

Organizers of the Miss Universe pageant have said that “trans women are women too” and that transgender contestants are allowed to compete if they have undergone gender reassignment surgery, the Daily Mail reported. Transgender billionaire Chakrapong “Ann” Chakrajutative, 43, bought the rights to Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA from former President Donald Trump for $20 million in October. bottom.

After taking on Miss Universe, the Thai media mogul has made many changes, including scrapping awards for the most photogenic and best swimwear item and championing female empowerment.

The news comes after transgender model Ricky Valerie Colle, 22, won the title of Miss Holland on Saturday. Kore is the first trans woman to win the Miss Netherlands title and the second trans woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant, according to CNN. “I did it!!!!!” she wrote in an Instagram post. “It’s surreal, but I can call myself @missnederland 2023. It’s been an informative and wonderful process. I gave my community pride and showed that it was possible. ”

Both the Miss Universe and Miss America contests allow transgender women to compete, but only if they have undergone gender reassignment surgery. According to the email, Miss America has changed rules for the 2024 season to require contestants to identify as “born female” or “completely complete gender reassignment surgery.” Stated.

Previously, anyone who identified as a “woman” was allowed to enter a beauty pageant, reports said. The title of Miss San Francisco was won earlier this year by Monroe Race, who is openly transgender. The race advances to the semi-finals of the Miss California competition. Miss Universe recently opened the contest to married and divorced women. “Miss Universe is open to all contestants, including trans women,” a Miss Universe spokeswoman said in an email.

“Trans women are women, they’re menstruating,” the narrator continued, using the term “menstruation,” which is mainly used in England. “We’re here to celebrate women, rightly so. Our policy for over a decade has required trans female contestants to undergo gender reassignment surgery, and in fact, it’s been five years. A representative of trans women previously walked the Miss Universe stage.”

“The Miss Universe organization is constantly evolving and we are constantly updating our entry requirements. In the last two years, we have allowed married women, divorced women, pregnant women and women with children to participate.” she added.

According to the email, Jakrajutatip transitioned from male to female in her mid-30s. Her beauty pageant acquisition marked the end of 70 years of biological male leadership.

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