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Oscar Rafael Coello Flores Obituary, Man,24, Found Dead After Swimming in California Reservoir

Oscar Rafael Coello Flores Obituary – Oscar Rafael Coello-Flores, a 24-year-old man, tragically drowned in the Woodward Reservoir in Northern California over the weekend. He was swimming from Mountain View Point to “Area-A” when he became fatigued and succumbed to the elements, struggling to stay afloat.

Deputies responded to reports of a distressed swimmer at 1:51 p.m. local time and launched a search operation involving various emergency response units. Unfortunately, Coello-Flores’ body was found approximately 45 feet away from the shore. The Coroner’s Office is conducting a thorough investigation, including a forensic autopsy. The victim’s family expressed their grief on social media, and the sheriff’s office emphasized water safety measures such as avoiding alcohol consumption, swimming with a partner, and wearing a life vest. The exact circumstances of Coello-Flores’ death remain unclear, and authorities have not provided further details at this time.

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