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Patrick Todd Obituary, Man, 23, was discovered in Belleville Lake following a presumed drowning incident

Patrick Todd Obituary – The tragic incident that occurred at Belleville Lake on Memorial Day resulted in the unfortunate passing of a 23-year-old Wayne County man named Patrick Todd. Todd, who is believed to have drowned after being swept away by a current while in the water, was found late Monday evening following an extensive search and rescue operation.

The Van Buren Public Safety Dive Team was called in after Todd was reported missing by his family, who last saw him near Firecracker Island on the lake. Despite efforts to rescue him, Todd did not resurface, turning what was supposed to be a day of peaceful remembrance into one marked by sorrow and the harsh reality of nature’s power.

The search for Todd was a difficult one, with divers and teams utilizing sonar technology to locate his body in approximately 11 feet of water, as reported by Van Buren Public Safety. The recovery efforts were hindered by unfavorable weather conditions, with the windy Memorial Day weather intensifying the current and making the rescue mission even more perilous.

Brian Butzin, who had interacted with Todd on the day of the tragedy, expressed his shock and sadness, stating to FOX 2 Detroit, “It touched me because I just spent the afternoon with these strangers out in the community you know? Just, being friends – like we created new friends.” Todd was remembered as someone who had a passion for animals and who bravely faced life’s obstacles, having been born with fetal alcohol syndrome and later cared for by Mindy, his guardian who shared that he often supported her during her toughest moments, according to Local 4 News.

The Van Buren Police and Fire Departments released a statement on Facebook, offering their deepest sympathies to Todd’s family and loved ones during this challenging period. The circumstances surrounding the incident are still being investigated, while the community mourns the loss of a young life taken too soon.

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