Shooting Queen ST, Two seriously wounded on Auckland’s Queen St., shooter flees on scooter

Shooting Queen ST – During an altercation that took place overnight on Queen Street in Auckland, one person was shot in the head and another in the stomach. The shooter then fled the area on a scooter following the incident. Both victims were taken to the hospital for treatment. Following the incident which happened around 11:30 p.m., both victims are currently being treated at the hospital for life-threatening injuries. Police said they were summoned following reports of an argument between a group of people at the intersection of Fort Street and Queen Street. Auckland Crime Bureau Senior Detective Sergeant Craig Bolton said a small group of individuals got into a fight before one of the offenders pulled out a gun and fired several times. The two injured people were taken to hospital in Auckland, where they are now in serious condition. It is said that one of the perpetrators fled the scene on a Lime scooter while wearing red-black striped pants and a red cap. According to Bolton, it is stated that there is no ongoing risk to the community.

It looks like armed police were surrounded by a person lying on the ground in footage from this location. Several motorcycles can be seen lying on their side in photographs taken at the scene. One witness told the Herald he heard multiple gunshots and people screaming before looking out the window and seeing a man lying on the ground and another being picked up by police. The witness also said he saw two men as he looked out the window. Around 11:30 pm. Another witness called TVNZ Breakfast on Thursday to report they heard screams as well as three loud explosions.

When they looked out of the window, they noticed a group of young people gathered who appeared to be “panic,” with one person lying motionless on the ground. After the gunfire, Auckland Police sealed off part of Queen Street and did not reopen until 7am. During the night, paramedics arrived at the scene. The fence was set up by police during the night shift to keep a close eye on the area between East Customs Street and Shortland Street. The wires have been removed at this point. In addition, the floor is marked with several other police markings.

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