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Tom Connors Obituary, Motorcyclist killed in an alleged hit-and-run had escaped from prison

Tom Connors Obituary – Tom Connors, aged 35, had been convicted of unlawfully taking a vehicle and was nearing the end of his three-year sentence. Recently, he had been transferred to Loughan House Open Center prison in Co Cavan. However, on April 20, after leaving prison, he went missing.

Late in the evening on Wednesday, Connors was involved in a collision with a car. He was found on the ground outside a private house on a narrow road in Co Carlow, while the car involved was discovered in flames just a few meters away. The incident took place on a local road between Rathoe and Cunaberry, near the village of Ballon, around 11pm. The owner of the house where the motorcyclist was found promptly contacted the authorities, including the gardaĆ­ and other emergency services.

The scene of the incident near Ballon, Co Carlow.  Photo: Maria Browne

According to a resident, the road where the incident occurred is quite secluded, known only to locals who rarely use it. They expressed surprise that someone would intentionally set their car on fire after hitting someone, as it is not a well-known shortcut or commonly used route. The car involved in the collision was found burnt out at the scene, and its occupants did not stay at the site. The authorities are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

After a thorough technical and forensic examination, the body of the deceased was removed. The local coroner and the State Pathologist’s Office have been informed, and an autopsy will be conducted. A senior investigating officer has been assigned, and an incident room has been set up at Carlow Garda Station.n The gardaĆ­ are appealing for any information regarding the incident.

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