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Yarina Garcia Hernandez,Gloria Hernandez Molina Obituary, Mother and daughter killed in Hialeah crash

Yarina Garcia Hernandez,Gloria Hernandez Molina Obituary, – A tragic incident occurred in Hialeah, resulting in the loss of a mother and daughter, while another family member sustained critical injuries. The devastating crash took place on Tuesday evening in the ​​400 block of Southeast 5th Street.

According to Hialeah Police officials, a 14-year-old teenager, without a driver’s license, took his parents’ car for a joyride with friends and collided with another vehicle at an intersection. Tragically, the other car contained a mother, her daughter, and an aunt who had gone out to buy food. Hialeah Police spokesman Eddie Rodriguez expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, “Three minors. The driver, 14 years old, no license, decided to take the parents’ car for a joyride and these are the consequences.” Following the initial collision, one of the vehicles struck a third parked car. Disturbing cellphone footage captured the aftermath of the crash, with bystanders rushing to provide assistance.

The victims were identified as 39-year-old Yarina Garcia Hernandez and her mother, Gloria Hernandez Molina, who was approximately 70 years old. Liliana Hernandez Molina, the aunt and sister of Gloria Molina, around 65 years old, was hospitalized in critical condition. Rodriguez expressed deep sympathy, stating, “It’s a very tragic story, we’re praying for the family, they just lost two people in their family. We have a whole family that’s destroyed today.” The parents of the teenager were unaware that he had taken the car. Rodriguez explained, “The parents were not aware.

The parents, they live close enough, they heard the impact of the accident. They came outside, they noticed their vehicle was missing. They decided to go to the corner where the accident occurred. To their surprise, their vehicle was involved in this accident.” The authorities are currently investigating whether speed played a role in the crash.

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