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David Vanderhamm Obituary, Officials identify man killed in officer-involved shooting

David Vanderhamm Obituary – A 40-year-old male individual has been recognized as the individual who lost his life as a result of a confrontation with law enforcement authorities on the previous Saturday. On April 6th, the Cedar Rapids Police promptly responded to an occurrence in the 200 block of 31st Street NE following a 911 call.

Subsequently, another 911 call was received, urging officers to conduct a welfare check on the initial caller, who was allegedly armed and expressing both suicidal and homicidal intentions. The responders approached the initial caller with caution due to the perceived high risk, because the individual possessed a weapon. When the officers issued verbal commands for the now-suspect to relinquish his weapon, he instead raised it. In response, three officers discharged their firearms, resulting in the suspect falling to the ground after being struck.

Emergency responders promptly arrived at the scene and unfortunately, the suspect succumbed to his injuries. The second caller also sustained gunshot wounds and was subsequently transported to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, no law enforcement officers were harmed during the incident.

Authorities have now officially identified the deceased individual as David Vanderhamm from Cedar Rapids. At this time, officials have decided not to disclose the identity of the second caller. The involved officers from the Cedar Rapids Police Department will remain on critical incident leave until the investigation is concluded.

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