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Diana Ready Obituary, Las Vegas man facing DUI charges after hitting, killing woman

Diana Ready Obituary – A woman attempting to push her car off the road was tragically killed after being struck by a man in Las Vegas who is now facing DUI charges. The driver, identified as Cody Hill, is currently being charged with DUI resulting in death, duties of driver when approaching a traffic incident, and expired registration.

A Las Vegas man is facing DUI charges after he struck and killed a woman attempting to push...

According to the arrest report from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the incident occurred on Tuesday, April 9, around 6:47 p.m. Witnesses reported that a white 2018 KIA Soul had broken down in the leftmost lanes on West Ann Road and Tropic Mist Street. The owner of the vehicle, Diana Ready, was standing to the left of it.

Several motorists stopped to assist Ready and help move her vehicle off the road. However, as a black 2012 Hyundai Veloster driven by Hill approached the disabled vehicle and the group trying to move it, he failed to decrease his speed or switch to the adjacent lane. As a result, the front-right of Hill’s Hyundai collided with the rear-left of the KIA.

Tragically, Ready was also struck by the car, causing her to be thrown into the air and onto the roadway. Hill then drove over her before making a U-turn, attempting to drive over the raised center median, and eventually coming to a stop along the south curb of Ann Road.

Bystanders rushed to help both Hill and Ready. Those who approached Hill noticed a strong smell of alcohol emanating from him and observed that he was not speaking clearly. The report also mentioned the presence of a “Buzz Ball alcoholic beverage” near the driver’s door handle. One witness even took the initiative to remove the key fob and turn off Hill’s vehicle to prevent him from fleeing the scene. Additionally, an off-duty Department of Corrections officer arrived at the scene and approached Hill’s vehicle. The officer also detected a strong smell of alcohol coming from Hill.

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