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Fatia Flowers,Nichole Daniels Obituary, Man Allegedly Strangled 2 Women to death

Fatia Flowers,Nichole Daniels Obituary – Florida authorities have apprehended a man, Carlos Baez-Nieves, who they suspect may have been a potential serial killer. According to Orange County Sheriff John Mina, Baez-Nieves specifically targeted vulnerable women, strangling them and callously disposing of their bodies from his truck.

Sheriff Mina expressed confidence in the relentless efforts of the detectives, stating that they have prevented Baez-Nieves from becoming a prolific serial killer. The first victim, Fatia Flowers, was found on March 14, followed by Nichole Daniels on April 17, both of whom were sex workers and had been strangled. Baez-Nieves resided in close proximity to the crime scenes, and investigators were able to apprehend him after discovering surveillance footage of Daniels entering his truck. Baez-Nieves was attempting to sell the truck to eliminate any potential evidence.

<p>Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida</p> Carlos Baez-Nieves

Sheriff Mina revealed that Baez-Nieves confessed to killing both women, providing differing explanations for each incident. Authorities are now investigating whether Baez-Nieves may be responsible for other unsolved murders, both in Florida and his hometown.

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