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Haleigh Abshire Obituary, Crash kills 14-year-old girl from Ohio; Suspect wanted

Haleigh Abshire Obituary, – The tragic death of a teenage girl in a car crash in Ohio has left friends and family in mourning. Following the incident, authorities are now searching for the young men who fled the scene. On Tuesday afternoon in Columbus, a collision between an SUV and a car resulted in the death of fourteen-year-old Haleigh Abshire. TheĀ  impact caused a fire to break out.

According to a witness interviewed by WSYX, three young boys were seen running and jumping over a fence in her backyard immediately after the crash. The crash report also mentions multiple individuals fleeing from the scene. As the police work to locate these individuals, WSYX is investigating whether both vehicles involved in the crash were stolen.

A concerned neighbor expressed, “Whoever is in the SUV, their life has forever been changed. I don’t think these young men have any idea what they’ve done.” Tragically, Abshire was found deceased in the SUV. Her friends gathered for a vigil near the crash site on Tuesday night. Vanessa Cantrell, a friend of Abshire, shared her sorrow, saying, “She can’t live anymore, she can’t get married, she can’t see to have kids. I can’t imagine what she would have grown up to look like.”

Additionally, debris from the wreck struck an individual standing nearby, who was subsequently taken to a hospital for treatment and is now in the process of recovering. According to a police source cited by WSYX, the car involved in the crash is believed to have been stolen from West High School shortly before the incident occurred.

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