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Judith Hanks,Emily Hanks Obituary, Dad, 76, killed wife and daughter during dispute while cleaning gun

Judith Hanks,Emily Hanks Obituary, – Roger Hanks was arrested on Thursday night in East Marlborough Township after the bodies of his wife, Judith Hanks, 75, and his daughter, Emily Hanks, 37, were found dead from gunshot wounds. The Chester County District Attorney’s office stated that the accused killer fatally shot his family during a dispute.

Hanks is accused of shooting both his wife and daughter through the chest.

Roger Hanks was cleaning his 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun at home when an argument broke out with his wife. During the altercation, he threatened his wife with the gun, leading to a fatal shot hitting her chest. His daughter, witnessing the incident, was also shot by him as she approached him in anger. Roger Hanks confessed to a neighbor about the killings, which led to his arrest.

He is facing charges of first-degree murder and related offenses. Despite efforts by medics, both the mother and daughter were pronounced dead at the scene. Roger Hanks claimed to investigators that he was aiming for their chests when he fired the gun, and even boasted about his shooting skills to the police.

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